Margaret Runyan Gallery & Gift Shop


We are expanding! Classes have been going well and we are excited to be adding more classes to our offering. By doing this we also need more classroom space, and after much consideration from our board we have decided to convert part of our gallery into additional classroom space.

Upcoming Gallery Shows

  • Print Making, Sept. 30th – Oct. 12th
  • Porcelain China Painting, Oct. 17th – 29th


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Roger and Scott kicked off our construction and have been working hard volunteering on Mondays.

We have a new doorway to our office; progress is being made.

Our K-4th Grade Homeschoolers tried their hand a creating Drip Art inspired by Jen Stark. Each student made their own Drip Art, we then combined them to make a mural in our Gallery. 

Jan was very proud of her work helping to cut out the new doorway to the office.

Stephany had a great time hammering a hole in the wall.