Upcoming Board of Directors Meetings

  • October 17th, 6pm
  • November 21st, 6pm
  • December 19th, 6pm
  • January 16th, 6pm
  • February, 20th, 6pm
  • March, 19th, 6pm

We are excited to announce an incredible opportunity to become a vital part of our non-profit organization’s leadership team. We are actively seeking dedicated individuals to join our Board of Directors and help drive positive change in the community.

As a non-profit committed to enriching the community and building partnerships to provide quality artistic experiences we believe fresh perspectives and diverse expertise are essential to our continued growth and success.

Contact our office at (810) 547-7087 to learn more!



(Oct. 2023 – Current)

Office & Teacher

Stephany joined our board in Fall of 2022, in Oct. 2023 Stephany was voted in as our new president. Along with working in our office most days, she teaches our K-4th homeschool arts and crafts classes, book folding and beginner pottery.


Vice President

(2019 – Current)

Jan W.


(2009 – Current)

Office & Teacher

Our lady of many talents, Jan is our past President (2009-9/2023) and Treasurer (2009 – current), she works most days in our office and teachers resin and helps with other classes as needed.


Board Secretary

(Oct. 2023 – Current)


Meloney joined our board in the Spring of 2023 and became our board secretary in Oct. 2023. Meloney also teaches our Toddler Craft Time.


Board Member

(2015 – Current)

Teacher & Maintenance

Roger has studied Stained Glass under Chuck Lowell for 10 years and teachers classes and workshops. In addition being a teacher Roger is also a board member and helps with building maintenance and projects.

Jan H.

Board Member

(2018 – Current)

Jan is our past board secretary.


Board Member

(Oct. 2022 – Current)

Join joined our board in the Fall of 2022.